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For over 28 years M.A.S. has been making moving easier. Which is why we offer more than just moving services..

M.A.S. will take care of a wide range of projects so you don't have to. From disposing of junk items to carefully handling bulky items such as pianos and pool tables. We are here to ensure that your most difficult to move items receive professional care. 



Sometimes furniture, equipment, machinery, old paint cans and other miscellaneous clutter have a tendency to follow their owners long after they fail to serve any sort of purpose.

Don't try hauling all these undesired items to your new home or office.
Instead, let M.A.S dispose of them for you. We'll even shred sensitive documents that you no longer need. If you have a substantial amount of junk to get rid of, anything more than 300 lbs.,
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Because each piano is unique in its own style, finish, size, weight and shape, each presents a number of factors that need to be addressed prior to moving them. Our crew of professionally trained movers will determine the accessibility for either location to take the necessary actions for your move.

We utilize the right equipment, and manpower to ensure that each job is done right. To learn more about how we can help you in your next move,

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We understand that moving can be a trying experience which is why we seek to eliminate stress for our customers every chance we get. 
In the end this means a better experience and a more cost-effective move.
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Blue BIN 

Blue Bins are a great alternative to traditional cardboard moving boxes.
Save money and reduce waste by choosing plastic moving boxes over traditional cardboard. 
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M.A.S. Moving offers a whole host of cleaning options for your home or office. In addition to the one-time cleanings offered for the home or office you are leaving, MAS Moving provides weekly, biweekly, and monthly cleaning options. For details and pricing
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