Plan Your Next Move With These 5 Lifesavers

Moving can be a daunting task but I’m here to tell you there is a light at the end of the tunnel!

Before you get started, you have a number of things to consider.

How far are you going? How big of a truck will you need?  DIY or hire out? Don’t forget these 5 things before the big day comes:

  1. ”If in doubt, throw it out!” There is no better time than moving time to organize and rid yourself of all the junk you don’t use anymore. Take the time to go through closets, under beds, and the deep abyss of your garage. Have a moving sale and make some cash, or drop it off at your local GoodWill.

  2. Round up the troops. Get the word out that you’re packing up and when friends and family offer to help on packing day, take them up on it. Many hands make light work and that moving truck isn’t going to load itself.

  3. Do your homework.  Read up on moving company reviews. Look into moving truck rentals. There can be a considerable difference in prices between DIY and hiring a skilled team of movers to DIFY (do it for you). Sometimes though, there isn’t. Wouldn’t it be nice to find out a few more bucks could save your marriage and your back?

  4. Watch the weather forecast. Try to pick a week, or a month, that’ll have nice weather. This might seem obvious but most people forget it gets cold really fast once fall hits.

  5. Do you Need Boxes? A great alternative to moving boxes are Blue Bins. They're plastic, durable and easy to move around! Companies like Mas Moving offer these types of rentals. No more breaking down mounds of boxes after the move is completed. 

The hardest part is getting there. With these moving tips, you’ll get there with more peace of mind and more money in your wallet.

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