Simplify Your Next Home Move
with M.A.S.

Moving into a new home or apartment can feel like a fresh start for individuals and families alike. So why ruin this new beginning with a stressful moving experience when you can choose a professional and friendly moving company to help you in this transition?

For over 28 years M.A.S. has trained and equipped professional movers to carefully package and handle all our clients' personal belongings including artwork, furniture, appliances and, other delicate items. We offer free estimates over the phone or on site.


Our professional movers will safely move your belongings into your new home.
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Looking to relocate your office or place of business.
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We understand that moving can be a trying experience which is why we seek to eliminate stress for our customers every chance we get. 
In the end this means a better experience and a more cost-effective move.
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Blue BIN

Blue Bins are a great alternative to traditional cardboard moving boxes.
Save money and reduce waste by choosing plastic moving boxes over traditional cardboard. 
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Have an odd job while moving? 
We might have a solution just for you.
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